Denmark calling

Today, I found out that one of my nearest and dearest copines I met in Paris is pregnant with her first baby!! So much has changed since the days we all lived in Paris. Geographically, we are rather far flung now, to say the least … My friend who is expecting now resides in her native Denmark, two remain in Paris, two of us are miraculously in the Baltimore area, and two more in my hometown of Richmond. I almost can’t believe as I type that I first moved to Paris eight (eight?!) years ago, just a couple months after I graduated from college.

I’m still so close with all those girls, all American (except for our Danish lady), but it’s slightly overwhelming to think about the many changes since those times … three weddings, (one imminent wedding!), four babies, home purchases, new jobs galore and travels near and far.

Finding out this lovely news has me thinking about one of my most favorite trips I’ve taken, actually to visit this friend, in Denmark. The quick flight from Paris to Copenhagen was something even I could afford as a 23 year old on an intern’s (ie nothing) budget. Right upon landing, I knew I liked it. I’ve traveled enough now that I have a severe disdain for airports, but actually, the Copenhagen airport is beautiful! Wooden floors, tons of natural lighting and even some art sprinkled throughout make it a painless place to pass through …


During my visit to Copenhagen, we took a boat tour of the city …


where we admired the exactlywhatyouwouldpictureharbor …


… as well as more modern sites, like the opera house, above.

We also snapped pics with the royal guard …


… road the oldest all-wooden still operating roller coaster in the world (! :/)


… shopped (I love that simple and sleek Danish aesthetic) a bit …


… visited the botanical gardens …


… and of course, posed with the little mermaid of such fame …


Sorry, Aerial, but I think she’s gotcha beat. That trip might have been seven years ago already, but it feels like yesterday. Here’s to reunions of friends, both near and far!

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