Some fave french chanteuses

Thanks to a comment from one of my favorite bloggers last week, I decided to repeat my Chanteurs post for a Chanteuses version this week. Herewith, some of my favorite female French (or Francophone) singers. Who are your’s?

Edith Piaf, tops my list, bien sûr !


You can’t listen to la môme without really feeling like you are sitting in a cafe in 1930s or 40s Paris sipping a cafe and watching passersby. If you haven’t yet seen her biopic La vie en rose starring Marion Cotillard, hurry up and do so! It is a spectacular film.

Carla Bruni, the former first lady, I love. She’s Italian, lives in France, and sings in Italian, French and English.


Dalida, Italian and born in Cairo, who similarly to Bruni, sang in many different languages, like Egyptian Arabic, French, German, Italian and English.



Finally, how can you deny Brigitte Bardot, the ultimate symbol of French beauty and allure? Just look at her!


Check out some of my favorite songs below. Who do you prefer?

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