Summer to fall …

I *almost* bought these exact green chinos severely on sale this summer on a New York weekend …

A little jaunt over to the Comptoir des cotonniers blog, Brèves de style, which produced that image above, has me convinced me I should have. Sigh …

Aywho, that summer-turned-fall look got me thinking about which of my summer-y purchases will transition well into fall. I’m definitely going to invest in a new jean jacket (should have known better than to sell that pupppy all of a decade ago …) and pair it with this cutey yellow maxi skirt. Some closed-toe wedges instead of sandals and I think it’ll be fall-appropriate!


And this necklace will re-invent a dress I’ve been wearing to weddings for three years now … (I got light pink)


I’m thinking it’ll look great with an old army green tunic-y top I pulled out the other day, too. Mine is kinda like this one (except sleeveless), and looks cute belted or not.


 I’m also excited to pair some lacy skirts with crew neck sweaters instead of tanks or blouses.


What with all the color every-which-where, I’m putting things together that I never would have a couple years ago. And now that D and I know we’re staying put for the foreseeable future, I’m planning on curbing my obsessive trips to second hand shops and the Goodwill to purge my wardrobe. A worthy cause, certainly, but I can’t count how many times I’ve turned around through all my many moves in the past five years, wondering where my jean jacket, loafers, belt, sweater, etc, ran to. Looking forward to hoarding a bit 😉

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