Sweet paris video

This short, “Betty  in Paris” combines my love of all things Paris and French, AND is SO reminiscent of Amélie (the best French movie of all time, of course). If you’ve seen Amélie, you’ll know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, and enjoy the color pops, music and quirky camera angles of this video, then go watch it ASAP.

Design Mom created it, but I discovered it on Prêt a Voyager, a fabulous Francophile blog by an American, Paris-based graphic designer. The best thing about having a passion is stumbling upon such a diverse body of work online, united by a common Francophilia. Love it!

2 thoughts on “Sweet paris video

  1. Hil – I love this video! Precious! I passed it along to my Mom and Aunt. They travel to Paris together every few years and I’m hoping this video might be enough to convince them to take me next time! Love and miss you!

    • Isn’t it the sweetest?! you definitely need to go with! ahh for the days of your paris visit … whit still talks about your pink uggs 😉 miss you, too! bisous.

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