What is artsdevivre? You may or may not be familiar with the value the French place on art (singular) de vivre. This all-encompassing term recognizes cultivating an art of living, and loosely translates to lifestyle. Yet lifestyle can reference any way of living (positive or not-so-positive) while art de vivre is decidedly positive and refined.

I created arts (plural) de vivre when I found myself living in rural Maryland after leaving a marketing job in Paris. I had decided to pursue education over business, but sorely missed the French appreciation of aesthetic, cuisine and simple beauty that I had come to love over several years in my adopted home.

Instead of being sad and missing Paris daily, I decided to chronicle the things and experiences I create or stumble upon that infuse my daily life with beauty. Some are simple moments like airy milk on top of a café crème, a crunchy-on-the-outside-chewy-on-the-inside baguette or a poignant song lyric. Others are more purposeful – gardening, DIY, cooking or style. All of it adds up to what makes my life an intentionally grateful and aesthetic experience. A lot of it (but not all :)) is decidedly Francophile.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Bonjour,

    Est-ce que vous êtes la petite-fille de Meg et la fille de Robin? Je suis la cousine de Meg. J’habite dans l’état de Wyoming. Habitez-vous en France maintenant? Votre mère m’a dit que vous y habitiez l’été dernier. Anyway, if I have the wrong person, excusez-moi de vous déranger. If not, I think it is interesting that I found you on this web site. Meg and I had many wonderful times together during her visits to Wyoming.

    Au revoir, Donna

  2. Wow I randomly typed in Art in wordpress’s search browser and your blog popped up…..So I read your blog….It is really well written. I am at a loss of words. Your blog has inspired me and has got me thinking about life. About how the small things in life can be the best . About reflecting and living everyday to the fullest… Thank you…This blog is just so great. You should consider writing!

    I really thank you,


  3. Will we ever see more artsdevivre? I hope so, your fans are still here! Don’t forget us!

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