Fall colors

I’m such a nerd for fall. Temperatures dropping spike my energy, I feel more clear-headed and everything seems just a bit more vibrant. Maybe it’s because of the gorgeous colors every-which-where. 

Like these fuchsia mums …

… or these orange ones …

… or these green and yellow accented gourds …

… which I think are sprucing up the coffee table nicely.

What colors are you enjoying this fall?






Le week-end

TGIF, les amis ! I shouldn’t complain about my first five day week in two weeks, but I will a bit ~
Je suis fatigu
ée.  I love this graphic via My Little Paris, which sums up my sentiments exactly.

What are your plans this evening?

Autumn in Burgundy

With the leaves beginning to turn, I’m thinking of quiet villages and inviting medieval architecture, both of which abound in the French region of Bourgogne (Burgundy). There’s something about this paysage that lends itself to the raucous oranges, yellows and reds of autumn. Do you agree?








Festive table setting

I love this table setting from my cousin’s wedding last weekend ~

I usually tend toward a more antique aesthetic, probably because I love nothing more than my Gramma Rose’s china I use every day ~


… so that when everything is all put together (and I actually have table linens, etc), I’m thinking of a setting like these …

Retro table setting






Some of those are a bit springy, but it’s got me thinking about setting the perfect Thanksgiving table, which I’ll be handling this year. I’m on the lookout for more inspiration. What is your favorite kind of table? Simple, antique, elegant, rustic, eclectic?

Fall foliage

Most of my wanderlust is geared towards international destinations to places like here, or there. But with the nip in the air and the first leaves falling, I’m dreaming of a road trip right here in my stomping grounds on the East Coast. It’s hard to beat dramatic views like these …





I’m craving a quick weekend to Charlottesville, a stone’s throw from Richmond, and not too many hours from Baltimore. Where have you seen the best fall leaves?

I love pretty much everything David Lebovitz does, from his blog, to his book The Sweet Life in Paris, to his restaurant alma mater, Chez Panisse. (Well, that’s not entirely true. I really want to go to Chez Panisse. Embarrassingly, I have not yet spent any time in the Bay Area and therefore have not yet tried it. But I am dying to.)

So I was ecstatic to find this *pastry* app he developed. It fits the bill for most of my favorite things …


 … France, desserts and Paris! What more could a gal ask for? I can’t wait to try this out next summer, and experiment in previously unbeknownst-to-me sweets shops. Pierre Hermé’s macarons will never be replaced as my number one preferred, but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try others 😉 

Post card memories

I like to keep this fairy tale looking post card tucked snug in a mirror ~

as a constant reminder of two dreamy weeks in Italy last summer. Those fishing villages in the Cinque Terre are just exactly what you would envision – the color pops of the houses all built one on top of the other, the impossibly narrow and steep streets, and just-so cafes were the perfect end to our two weeks of la Dolce Vita. We debated traveling to Nice for a day but decided against it in favor of more relaxation away from trains. I was disappointed at the time, but hopefully Nice will be crossed off the list with next summer’s pending travel plans. What trip do you dream of taking, or love remembering?