Living room details

I snagged a couple more touches for our living room last week, yahoo! Per usual, they popped up when I wasn’t specifically looking. I had anticipated all we needed to “complete” the room was a rug and some new throw pillows, but of course I happened upon these ikat lamp shades before the perfect kilims or rugs ~ 

New lamp shadesI love the deep blue of the shades with the muted, earthy tones of our cave painting reproductions ~ 

Cave paintings

(Those, however, are not new. They’re my grandparents’.)  I also grabbed this yummy candle. At first sniff, I was worried it would be too sweet, but actually Reserve Moonsparkle emits just the right amount of sweet and fresh perfume. 

Reserve moonsparkle candleThey offer a lot of other options, as well. A good hold over till I can stock up on Diptyque candles next summer in France 🙂 


Mirror mirror on the wall

I’ve had this mirror I snatched up from the antique mall for some time now. It has comfortably rested propped against the wall in our guest room for two years, but I feel like we’ve found its rightful home in the living room …
MirrorI like the extra light it invites in when the front door is open, but I especially love the reflection of our ever-expanding gallery wall …
Gallery wall reflectionIt’s amazing how much a mirror will open up a space. Just a rug and the perfect pillows and I shall declare this space done! (For now 😉 )

Pillowy details

Ok, so if you come to artsdevivre regularly, you know that I am having issues solving our seating dilemma. I desperately want a new couch, but we have decided to pinch pennies just a bit longer before plunging into purchasing our “nice” furniture. Our furniture is mostly worn, and mostly hand me downs, but it works for its collective purposes, so I think it’s important to not over extend ourselves financially when we are not quite ready.

However, that does not solve the conundrum of our, ahem, very tired sofa in the front room. The first slipcover I purchased was a disaster, and in keeping with my current thrifty ideals, I found one more in-line financially (ha! only $43!) and actually I like the color far better. Here she is ~

Now, I know this is not like looking at perfectly zen interiors on Pinterest, but it’s all about the canvas, right? Obviously I am not going to purchase that awkward cube pattern carpet. And obviously I am going to add some super cute decorative pillows to accent my choice of grey. And I figure, since I’ve been *so.responsible* about not over spending on a new sofa, I can at least purchase some great pillows petit à petit. We have these awesome cave painting reproductions in our front room (courtesy of my grandparents’ travels in the 1960s), which I love paired with that geometric lamp from Target (snagged for $50) last spring 🙂 …

We also picked up this amazing ceiling medallion from the Parisian Flea in Hampden. I love everything about it, but most of all that it was saved from a crumbling Hollywood mansion. Just think about the parties it has witnessed!

Once the grey slipcover is applied and the ceiling medallion hung (on the wall, like a 3D painting), I can polish off with the finishing details like pillows. Here are some that I think keep well with the rest of the room’s mustards, gunmetals and muted blues …






And D will tell you I am “obsessed” with being cozy, so I’m thinking this light throw (in mustard) from West Elm will finish everything off. I can’t wait to have it all put it together. It won’t be over night, but definitely by Christmas time. Have you spied any cute pillows or throws recently?